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Data is your company’s most valuable resource.  Are you sure it’s safe?  How is it protected and in the event of a system failure or site catastrophe, and how long would it take to regain full access?  Beyond the compliance and auditing requirements, how much revenue would you loose with each hour of downtime?  In fact, could your company even survive a data disaster? 

The truth is that 43% of companies experiencing data disaster never re-open and of those that do, 29% close within 2 years.  Don’t let your company become a statistic.  Contact HourlyCIO for a no cost review of your current data protection plan and if it’s not up to the challenge, HourlyCIO can help you make it  so.

HourlyCIO develops and implements best-in-class data protection strategies that protect all of your data regardless of the form it is in; documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail, Exchange server, Blackberry server, SQL and other databases, image libraries, virtually anything.  Windows, Mac, Linux, desktops, laptops and servers can and should all be protected.


  • What is the visibility of your backup status and how robust is the current process?
    • Are backups occurring as scheduled?
    • Are they routinely validated and able to restore your business to full functionality quickly?

  • Does your current process offer version control and user file recovery?

  • Is your system designed to best practice standards, minimizing failure points and dependence on backup data?

  • Have your recovery methods been tested?
    • What is your recovery point? 10 minutes, last night, last month or last year?
    • How long will you be down in the event of a system failure?

  • What should be backed up?
    • All data your company both acquires and generates should be protected, but in different ways and with different strategies. 
      • Does your current strategy account for the various types of data you have?
    • Does your current data protection strategy include staff laptops and desktops?
      • Studies have shown that almost 75% of business critical data is resident on your staff’s local hard drive and therefore typically NOT BACKED UP AT ALL! 

  • Where to store your backed up data?
    • While it is convenient to have backup data local and onsite, there are many reasons why onsite data backup storage is really no protection at all.  Real data protection strategies require safe and secure offsite storage that is accessible should the need occur.

Because data back ups are only as good as the ability to recover data, all of HourlyCIOdata protection plans are validated and tested on a scheduled basis ensuring that your data will be available if and when it’s needed.

HourlyCIO offers:

  • Solutions that provide for both quick recovery of local hardware failures and fast recovery from data disasters
  • Industry standard software with high strength data encryption
  • Complete status visibility with manual oversight processes greatly reduced
  • Safe and secure remote storage options that are highly available and scalable with multiple levels of data and geographic redundancy
  • Regulation compliance and audit accepted practices

Employees come and go all the time.  HourlyCIO can develop and help you implement data protection strategies that ensure you protect all the data your business has.